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  • !1!

    Hyip fund investment


    HYIP which stands for High Yield Investment Program is just what it sounds like, a program offering a high yield investment. But higher profit mean higher risk with you money, when HYIP stop paying, you will lose the money you invest, because there is no way to get back your money, no one, and no organization will be responsible to return your money after HYIP SCAM, there is online world. So we advise you to be very careful in choosing the Hyips programs especially for those who are still new comer, because almost all of HYIP is scam or does not pay its members.
    Types of HYIP sites can be classified as:​

    Short-term HYIP

    investment cycle is just one or few days, scam very fast, high HYIP investment risks and high profit for HYIP Investors and HYIP Players.

    Mid-term HYIP investment time about 2 - 4 weeks for one investment cycle, investment rate low and almost return after investment expire

    Long-term HYIP investment rate about 1% - 3% daily, long investment time 50-150 days

    Types of Payments​
    Manual payments - Means that the administrator of HYIP makes payments manually.
    Instant payments - Means that orders of payment processed by program (site script), and produces immediately after request.
    Auto payments - Mean that the order and payment is done automatically, no need to visit HYIP site for payments request, money will automatically sent to an account in the payment system.

    Frequently Asked Questions about HYIP​
    1.Is it the fastest and easiest way to make money ? What's the catch ?
    There is one problem. HYIP, in the traditional sense, is almost gone. Most of the current HYIP (about 99%) is a financial pyramid scheme that does not earn money, but just pretend they are working. They pay interest not from the profits that have received, they pay from new deposits.

    2.Why do people like to earn money on HYIP?
    It is definitely because HYIP offers high profits in a short periode of time. The interest rate from HYIP is greater than the interest offered by local bank or another investment fund. so that’s why people prefer to earn money from HYIP, although they already know the risks they face.

    3.How to earn in HYIPs?
    When someone launches the HYIP, he spends his money on the web site (hosting, script, design, advertising, etc.). From amount of costs depends period during which HYIP will recoup costs. HYIP administrator expects to receive more money than it spends, and until he reaches that goal, it will pay to all investors. In this interval of time you can earn in HYIP. Some programs are working less than week, and the other for 1-2 years before they stop paying and become SCAM. It is real to earn in HYIPs, but you need to know how to choose programs and which strategies use for investment. Using of referral program and RCB will speed up the process of making a profit.

    4.How big is the risk of losing money?
    The risk of losing the money invested in pyramid or real HYIP approximately equally big. It all depends on the popularity of the project and the inflow of new deposits. Again, you can lose as much as you invest. Therefore remember the golden rule of HYIP : ONLY INVEST WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE.

    5.How do I invest into a program?
    Most programs use the e-currency provider such as perfectmoney.is or BitCoin. You will need to get a Perfect Money or BitCoin account and add funds to it.

    6.How Do I Know They Are Not Scams?
    Simple and straight answer: You don’t. You can take advice from people in the industry, read forum posts. The decision to join should be entirely your own, and you should understand the risks involved.

    Common used words in HYIP​
    Automatic payments – payments made automatically without requesting them (see also Manual payments, Instant payments).
    Batch number — a number of transaction in payment systems – such, as Perfect Money.
    Business days — also known as Working Days, is a project which is paying 5 days per week.
    Bitcoin — a digital currency (also called crypto-currency) that is not back up by any country’s central bank or government. Created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.
    Black December – period when usually scams big part of HYIPs (before the Christmas).
    Break even – also known as Break even point or BEP, it is the point when you earn back your invested money and after that all the rest is your profit.
    Calendar days – project what is paying profit 7 days per week (see also Business days).
    Compounding – part of your interest is reinvested back to “initial investment” in case to generate more profit. If you use the compounding feature your daily interest will not pay out to you. It will be added to your principal and be reinvestet for the next period.
    Don’t be greedy! Do not use the compounding feature, it won’t work and the only thing that will be happend is that you lose your hard earned money!

    DDOS Attack – it is when some party (usually hackers) flood website with countless requests and for that time website is not accessible.

    Instant payments – payments made automatically when you request them from the user panel of HYIP program (see also Automatic payments, Manual payments).
    Manual payments – payments paid by HYIP admin with “hands” manually (see also Instant payments, Manual payments).
    Monitor – website what monitors a HYIP and shows if HYIP is paying or not. MONITORS DO NOT GUARANTEE PROFIT !
    Payment processor — is a payment system what allows you to invest in HYIP. The most popular HYIP payment processors are Perfect Money and BitCoin.

    Principal – your initial investment amount.
    Principal Return – It means that you get the primary deposit back.
    ROI – return of investment – is how much profit your investment will return.
    Scam — in world of HYIPs scam usually mean that program has stopped paying.
    Guide To Check Quality of HYIP​

    1.There are more than 5 HYIP programs launched everyday, so how to choose good HYIP? We must check the quality of HYIP website before we invest. So, below are some quick guide to check the quality of HYIP website:

    2.HYIP website design
    Check the graphic design on the HYIP site. Good HYIP always have attractive or unique design. This is quite easy to see, because the template, it’s a first thing that shows you when you access to website, if you work with websites many times, I think you know it already.

    3.Hosting,DDOS and SSL
    Search for a HYIP which has dedicated or VPS server, Extended validate SSL or green SSL for all pages, Strong or default DDOS protection from server etc. Some of these tools (like SSL) are not so essential for a HYIP program, but those make a program looks solid. You may not found all tools in a single HYIP program but your chosen program should have at least 3 of those tools. Never invest in a HYIP which is hosted on free server and using a free domain extension (examples: .tk, .ml, etc)

    4.Investment Rate
    Good HYIP is offering a reasonable profit or ROI (Return of Investments), unreasonable plan like 110% after 5 minutes or 500% after 1 day.

    The more advertised the HYIP program is, the more it spends money on it. The HYIP administrator wants to return his investment at least. This means that if the program is much advertised, then it is unlikely to disappear soon. When the HYIP starting is heavily advertised on several monitoring sites and / or forums it is a pretty good indicator that the program will last for a long time.

    Interact with contact support with some basic and / or random questions to see how fast they reply, if they are friendly and supportive and take notes. See if the admin is actively engaged in communication with its members through social media (Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc.) and newsletters. Communication is the key and it also reflects their dedication.

    7.Payment Processors
    This is a really important part, the more payment options the better. Major payment processors include Perfect Money and BitCoin. As a rule of thumb, the more payment processors the better as it will mean that more people will be able to join and participate in the program.

    8.Payment Status
    here are hundreds of hyip monitors out there, make sure that the program you are joining has a” Paying Status”, DO NOT join a program that is showing problem, or selective payments as status. Even if the program is showing paying in some monitors and problem in some others, it still means that something is not right, avoid them.

    These are the factors to look out for. But be keen to note that some HYIP start off in a genuine way but in some time end up defrauding their clients. Even with the above in mind, it is not 100% guaranteed that they will follow these guides all the time. BE VERY CAREFUL ESPECIALLY WHEN THINKING OF INVESTING LARGE SUMS OF MONEY !


    How to Find a Good HYIP Investment Opportunity?

    Every investors, no matter it is a fresher or a professional, asks himself where to find a program to be the number one. And even if you are not tending to find your ideal, and are not idealizing the idea of ‘sudden profit’ at all, you probably would like to know where to find the very program to start your investment way.

    At first, you should define your purposes and define the program’s type. Thus it will be easier to find the very thing you need for the purposes you follow. However, in such case you will probably need to work out a strategy, which cannot not always be worked out by a newbie or a person who hasn’t set up game rules for himself. 

    Accordingly, you will more probably start with the most predictable ‘I want to earn!’. Well, this desire is laudable and absolutely normal, and you need a program, which will pay your money back, and add profit, earned with the help of your funds.

    You should find a good program for it. At least, the one that will give you money back. We have already written what program it is. If you don’t remember, you should read this article again. Then we will add it with instructions how to find such good program.

    At first, check out a monitoring you trust. If you take a program from a random monitoring you will more probably lose your money. So you’d better find a monitoring and then seek for a program (we remember that programs advertised in spam or recommended by strange people won’t go).

    Monitoring should be experienced. The one that have started working a few days ago won’t go. If you have a friend involved in investment for long, he may go instead of a monitoring. However, it means that a friend should meet the same requirements as monitoring: he should be experienced. …And checked out.

    Of course, it will be better if you choose a manual monitoring. It is closer to MONITORING in its functioning, while automatic monitoring is closer to a catalog, and the program receives ‘not paying’ status at the end, which is not really favorable for investing with profit. 

    Having chosen a monitoring, take a more attentive look and watch. Of course, you may start investing, removing all variants that do not pass the test. In the end, this is a program for investing, which you choose, but not a monitoring.;)

    We take a few programs that you like from a tested catalog. Checking out forums etc. is a usual operation and we have already told about it in details. All the more, you probably understand that without these preventive measures such investing turns into investing with eyes closed. Thus, we have invested and seen that a common meaning satisfies you and corresponds to your desire. I mean, an ideal program as you see it.

    But we won’t invest. We will watch how the program is working. And we consider it to be the main feature of the process. We should watch how the program pays, when (in the end you will be able to define when the problems occur). It will be good if you check out their feedback, contact admin as closely as you can.

    And only after watching it for 3-5 days or more, you may think about investing. And be sure, if you really choose a GOOD program, 3 or 5 days won’t be wasted, because it is not a long period for a GOOD program, and you may be sure that it will be working much longer!


    #1 Go in early. If the HYIP is in its 2nd round, consider skipping it.

    #1 Deposit small amounts incrementally instead of depositing one lump shot in one shot. For example, you are considering investing 1 BTC; consider splitting it up into 20 transactions to monitor if the site honours these deposits.

    #3 Always withdraw small amounts. For example, if you have a principle of 1 BTC, do not withdraw all in one go. Withdraw it slowly by breaking it up into smaller txn and withdraw it with some time break in between. You do not want to trigger the system's self-preservation feature that halts lump sum withdrawals in one go, and you are screwed. These hyip systems have such mechanisms to prevent massive withdrawals and bank-runs that leads the site to bankruptcy.

    #4 For hourly and daily hyips, it often has a withdrawal commission of 5 percent. If the hourly return is 0.1%, you know it will take 50 hours to earn that commission back. For such hyips, usually I will put it in for max 72 hours (3 days) so that I could "earn" from the remaining 22 hours (2.2%). Effectively, this manner you are earning 0.73% interest daily, not bad.

    #5 Some hyips convert between BTC and USDs - I suggest these hyips be avoided. Your goal is to grow your BTC but the volatility of USD-BTC pairing may erode your BTCs whenever you cash out from these hyips.

    #6 Be mindful when hyips send out e-mails to inform its members about new (a) time-limited and slots-limited investment schemes or (b) upcoming big plans such as IPOs. It is a sign that these HYIPs are running out of funds and they needed fresh funds by giving users a false sense of security and confidence. This happened to usd.biz and honorr.biz.

    #7 Always get out after the first round, unless you are extremely confident of the hyip.

    Hyip's Scam
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