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    Best 10 LiteCoin Faucets


    Litecoin emerged onto the scene in 2011 to help remedy some of the flaws inherent in Bitcoin. To this end, Litecoin was designed to offer a more abundant supply of coins, a maximum cap of 84 million to be exact, as opposed to Bitcoin’s 21 million cap. 

    As things stand, Litecoin has the 6th highest market capitalization, approximately 12 billion dollars, in the cryptocurrency world, trailing after Bitcoin, about 217 billion dollars as of this writing, Ripple, around $86 billion, Ethereum, around 69 billion dollars, Bitcoin Cash, around 40 billion and Cardano around 18 billion. Nevertheless, performance-wise, Litecoin has outperformed both Bitcoin and Ethereum over the past year, with appreciation values reaching 2000 %.

    A FaucetHub account is required to Claim LiteCoin
    Site Claim Dash Faucet Time (minutes) Payout Pay
    FreeLiteCoin FreeLiteCoin Faucet 60

    Minimum annound to withdraw: 0.00200000

    Network fee: 0.00200000

    Get LiteCoin from Walid12 Faucet LiteCoin Walid 12 5 120 Pay
    HitCanavari LiteCoin Faucet LiteCoin Faucet 5

    300 Auto send

    GetFreeCoIn - LiteCoin Litecoin GetFreeCoIn 10

    0.00000100 to 0.00000300 LTC send OnDemand to FaucetHub

    LiteCoinFaucetDotCom LiteCoin Faucet dot com 60 Up to 500 auto send Pay
    LiteCoin SpeedUp LiteCoinSpeedUp Faucet 10 Up to 500 send OnDemand to FaucetHub Pay
    Bitcoin-S LiteCoin Faucet Litecoin Faucets 5

    Up to 500 Auto Send

    8Raa Litecoin Faucet LiteCoin Faucet 8Ra 5 Up to 500 Auto Send Pay
    FreeBitcoinWin Litecoin FreeBitcoinWin Faucet 10 Up to 230 send On Demand to FaucetHub Pay
    ForumCoinWin ClaimLtc Faucet Litecoin Faucets Claim Ltc 5  Up to 500 Auto Send Pay
    PremiumFaucets LiteCoin LiteCoin Faucet Premium Faucet 5 Up to 7000 Auto Send Pay
    CoinRotatotor LiteCoin Lite coin Faucet Rotator 5 Up to 1500 Pay
    Get LiteCoin from DogeCoinsFaucet LiteCoinFaucets Ghost 720 500 NoPay

    Lite Coin Price Prediction 2018

    Litecoin price was at $313 at the end of November 2017 and now with New Year around the corner is at $215. Should the rate of adoption go up, this should increase Litecoin’s price. Along with the rate of adoption and the general price movement of cryptocurrencies, a commensurate increase in the number of developers working on it is expected, which should fuel the price hike

    Analyst Take:

    in my opinion Charlie Lee is great person and genius. He will continue to improve Litecoin more and more and sooner or later it will hit 500$.
    My prediction for 2018 is 300$, but i will note be surprised if it go to more than that in a single year. I mean the price was 5 dollars not that long ago and see where is it now.
    People dubbed Litecoin as the Bitcoin's silver, right? So there is some catching up to do. it should come as no surprise that the price of a single Litecoin is expected to hit the 1000 dollar mark, if not surpass it. The problem is the fact that other coins doing the same thing are growing, and take the market share as it happened with Ripple and Cardano in the last couple of weeks.




    A transaction is a transfer of value between Bitcoin wallets that gets included in the block chain. Bitcoin wallets keep a secret piece of data called a private key or seed, which is used to sign transactions, providing a mathematical proof that they have come from the owner of the wallet. The signature also prevents the transaction from being altered by anybody once it has been issued. All transactions are broadcast between users and usually begin to be confirmed by the network in the following 10 minutes, through a process called mining.

    Are you serious about mining cryptocurrencies? If so, you need to know how to make the best use of your money and equipment. In this guide, we’ll show you how to mine your digital treasure in the most profitable way.

    Obviously, the big money is going into costly bitcoin ASICs. If you are already in that position, you probably know how the process works and are intending to mine bitcoin. However, those of you on a more moderate budget are probably looking at building a GPU miner for scrypt currencies, or a buying a small ASIC machine for bitcoin or other SHA-256 currencies. In that case, you have come to the right place.

    How do I start? Choose your currency Digital puzzleThe process of mining digital currencies involves solving complex cryptographic puzzles. By doing this, miners are providing 'proof of work' that is rewarded with digital currency. Broadly speaking, there are two proof-of-work hashing algorithms in use today: SHA-256 and scrypt. Note that there are some lesser-used alternatives, which we will not be looking at in this guide for example, Primecoin.. read more here  


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