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  • Bitcoin vs Fiat?


    Bitcoin is real money !

    Bitcoin is real money to me and many others. As long as it has value it is as good as any currency to myself.
    The first time I commited to see it that way was when I saw a story on the news about how a bar in Germany was accepting it to pay off your tab and purchase some goods in their stores. If Germans had faith in this as a currency (real enough money) to purchase their most prized possession in the month of October (beers  ) then it is something to be concerned about.

    Bitcoin vs Fiat  

    It's hard for people to conceive bitcoin as actual money because it's not something they can touch, hold, make it rain on hookers or snort coke with... but really though...

    It's hard for people to conceive of a new currency to them just looks like numbers that crudely relates it to fiat (USD, EUR, etc.)... they simply don't understand the hashing power and energy that needs to be used to make this system work and don't see the value in it to where the newbie would want to invest a lot of money, but yet, just want to find ways in earning free coins by sucking the faucets teets. 

    I know what some people on here would think though regarding my post, "Oh sure, you say that, but you are sucking the teet of the signature campaign as well, hypocrite".  Yes, I do like earning a passive income while I browse on here just like everyone else, but I understand that to earn a small income for doing something like posting on a forum, you would need to write some slightly intelligible posts on here.  The other people that just join just assume that there would be some magical way to randomly get bitcoins, or think that they can just turn on some old computer that has been sitting in their room and generate magical internet money with it.

    It needs to be known by everyone in general who decides to delve in the world of cryptocurrencies, that there are legit investments to be made if one were to mine bitcoins, which in itself makes it valuable since it clearly works to transfer any denominations anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

    What is the catch of Bitcoin ?

    I spend my bitcoin for various things, so bitcoin is money for me.
    But, there aren't many places which accept bitcoin so bitcoin potential as money isn't shown yet for now.
    Also, about scam/bullshit investment is also happen with fiat too.

    But, there are people who use bitcoin as commodity/investment only.

    When I get Bitcoin from faucets?





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