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    Get your bitcoin

    Hardware for Bitcoin mining

    CPU's : Earlier CPU was the only way to mine bitcoins. Satoshi client was used for CPU mining purpose. This method is no longer viable because of increased network difficutly level. So you might have to mine years and years without earning a single coin. 
    GPU's : Later it was found that Graphics Card were much more efficient at bitcoin mining. So, CPU Bitcoin mining ended and miners start using GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) for Bitcoin mining. Any GPU can be used to mine, but it was found that the AMD line of GPU architecture performing much better than nVidia architechture for mining Bitcoins. 
    FGPA's : Bitcoin mining further progressed and a new technlology came known as Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). It was launched by Butterfly Labs and miners started using hardware dedicated to mining Bitcoins. The hardware provided the benefit through power efficiency and ease of use. 
    ASIC's : Now it was the era of Application Specifice Integrated Circuit (ASIC). This hardware was designed to do one thing and one thing only. And miners now started using ASIC. FPGA technology is now replaced by ASIC. And there is no technology better than ASIC. So ASIC is end of the line.

    Get some Bitcoins  

    There are many different ways of getting Bitcoins. Of course most of them requires some work or payment with currency like euro or dollar

    Getting it for free!
    You can get small amounts of BTC for free on many different sites. And you're on one of those sites! Just visit main page. You should also checkout other sites on our list

    Working for it
    Another way is getting BTC as a payment. For example for filling surveys or watching ads and videos. Again, please check out our list for that. Apart from automatic solutions, you can also check out Bitcointalk forum for offers from other people.

    Buying it
    You can also just buy some. Price of BTC is going up and down. Fine , so it's quite a good to make some investment.

    Become a bitcoin miner

    To become a bitcoin miner you need to register yourself in a Bitcoin mining pool. Once you will join a Bitcoin mining pool you will have to download a software that will be used to start the process of mining. Each time a complex mathematical problem is solved miners are paid their share in terms of Bitcoin. Get a Bitcoin Wallet and withdraw your Bitcoins to the Wallet.

    Register to a Bitcoin Mining Pool
    First you have to register to a Bitcoin Mining Pool. You can see the list of Bitcoin Mining Pool here and register any one of the Bitcoin mining pool.

    Download Mining Client
    After registration the Bitcoin Mining Pool that you have joined will ask you to download the mining client software. Download that mining client software, enter the essential details and start mining.

    Get a Wallet to Withdraw
    Get a Bitcoin Wallet from here. Now withdraw your earnings that you made from Bitcoin Mining to yours wallet.

    Bitcoin faucets

    The idea of making up this faucet site was inspired by "The million dollar home page": Making use of the ideology and the huge progress of Bitcoin! 

    It decided to create this site to all who have a Bitcoin based project and wish to leave their mark in the history of Bitcoin. 

    Every one of us can feel the impacts of the lack of freedom humanity is suffering. The majority of resources are in the hands of a few people. 
    With Bitcoin and the cryptographic revolution, we can be freer than we ever were!


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